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Home Automation

This is one aspect of the build that deserves detailed treatment - which we just don't have the time for now - so please be patient and check back for the full story.

Basically the intent is to automate as many aspects of the building as reasonably practical, within budget and timeframe constraints. In order to provide Bill with easy access to the buildings' functions we plan to furnish him with a touch screen based "tablet" PC which will provide a "one stop shop" to everything from the gate entry phone system to the DVD player.

The building wil be managed by a LON (Local Operating Network) based building management system (BMS), which is more at home in some of The City's major buildings. LON is a topology free, open building services peer to peer networking infrastructure which provides a level of fault tolerance as a result of it's distributed intelligence approach.

The Prolojik lighting controllers, five of them , each with 10 dimmable channels, are already LON enabled. For the rest of the systems, it's a steep learning curve and a long journey!

The Open systems approach allows for disparate systems (HVAC, lighting. security, AV distribution, etc) to co-exist on one bus based network, which should make the transition to the web based user interface "childs play". One day we will have the time to develop all this infrastructure and then we can write about it with some authority.

We would welcome any thoughts or comments on your experiences....