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Indispensible partners

We couldn't have built the house without the following:


Most essential tool on site!


HSS tool hire - we wouldn't have got through this in the current time frame without them - and we are still late!!!




Paul Emblin - Regional sales Manager for Roger Bullivant - Paul has shown us so much support during our project - and he also comes visiting bearing beers - who could ask for more!




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I approached the whole website creation thing with trepidation as I didn’t have the time or technical expertise to deal with anything too complicated. Creative Stream have been an absolute delight to work with.

I have to say that the whole process has been painless and I would recommend Creative Stream to anyone. Your website is the first thing people see, you want it to look the part but also you want it to ‘work’ by being easy to populate and navigate and Creative Stream have provided all that and more! Give them a ring!!!
Web: Ph: 0114 2823413

Waterworld Solutions - if you are thinking of creating a wet room, you HAVE to speak to Neil at Waterworld Solutions. No longer is a drain a necessary evil that you try and disguise, it is a thing of beauty! Waterworld solutions have an amazing selection of affordable line drains and tile drains and if they don't have what you need, they will make it to order! Which is exactly what they did for us in our curved bathroom!

Web: Ph: 01284 388588





Delivery of the telehandler


Our telehandler (fork lift truck) - so many things come on pallets - if you are considering a self build, get one and learn to drive it - you will find it indespensible!
Youngman tower - it may only be a bungalow but to be able to move the tower quickly, easily and effortlessly has been such a relief.  You can adapt it to me the platform to any level, it has wheels to enable it to be moved easily and is safe - brilliant piece of kit!
Packexe - if you are ever building or renovating and you want to keep anything clean or protected, use Packexe - it has been our saviour with all the muddy conditions and the tradesmen trapsing in and out of the house with muddy riggers! We also used it to protect the new windows when they had been installed before the decor was complete!
Graco Paint sprayers - I hate decorating! It is a laborious, mindless, thankless task, best left to the wife! Then, salvation arrived! Amazingly quick, clean and the results are outstanding.

The Pulse Synergic 235 welder from Butters AMT is such a brilliant machine to use and Paul has used it such a lot during the course of this build. It was great for the structural steels and indispensable for creating the stainless steel conservatory roof structure. We even used it to weld the broken axle on the dumper truck!