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Listing of products and suppliers

The Maidstone House – products and suppliers

Build Store

T: 0870 870 9991
BuildStore Ltd
Unit 1, Kingsthorne Park
Nettlehill Road
Houstoun Industrial Estate
Livingston EH54 5DB
We organised our finance through Build Store and they have been brilliant – very helpful with the setting up of the arrangement and very reactive when we requested stage payment releases. We would certainly recommend them.

Structural Engineers
Elliot Wood T: 0208 544 0033
241 The Broadway,
London SW19 1SD
Andy Downey and Mark Renshaw have worked with us on our build. Paul did most of the calculations himself but we couldn’t have done without the help of these two to verify, amend, suggest and encourage – oh yes, and above all sign off the build!
Website Design
Creative Stream Limited T: 0114 282 3413
Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield S3 8GG
We were keen to create a website for Bluebell Bungalow to share our experience and everything we have learned during the build. One of my (many) jobs during the build has been senior researcher so I have looked at many, many websites and have been able to see what, in my opinion, works and what doesn’t. It was by looking at a website that I really liked that I found Creative Stream.

I approached the whole website creation thing with trepidation as I didn’t have the time or technical expertise to deal with anything too complicated. Creative Stream have been an absolute delight to work with. I started off by giving, David Sisson, my personal contact, a brief of what I was looking for along with an idea of the bungalow and its architectural features. The first design that Creative Stream came up with was great - we all loved!

David spent some time talking me through adding photos, news items and data to the website and it couldn’t have been easier. I have really enjoyed doing it! David has been at the end of the phone at all times if I needed help, and has always been very reactive. I have to say that the whole process has been painless and I would recommend Creative Stream to anyone. Your website is the first thing people see, you want it to look the part but also you want it to ‘work’ by being easy to populate and navigate and I think ticks all those boxes!

Foundation Piling
Roger Bullivant T: 01322 286565- Paul Emblin
Unit 160
Hayward Dr, Questor, Dartford, DA1 1JH
As we are in Kent, we were looked after by the regional office in Dartford for whom Paul Emblin is the regional sales manager. He has been most helpful and supportive throughout the entire project. The employees who carried out the foundation piling were very hard working, pleasant and loyal to their company – a trait that we didn’t find frequently during our build.

 "Like much of South East England, this site is underlain by highly shrinkable clay soils with fairly large trees close by. The NHBC has recommendations for overcoming potential swelling & shrinking of clay soil due to changes in moisture content. On this project the options were to excavate traditional footings to a depth of 3.0m which creates a lot of muck to dispose of & a lot of concrete to import. The other option was to install piles to support the beam & floor system. Piling produces far less spoil & requires a fraction of the concrete.
The use of 46No 300mm dia. piles to a depth of 10m allowed for the inclusion of goethermal heat pipes to extract ground source warmth without the need to drill a seperate very deep borehole.
All in all this development will benefit from a fully engineered foundation solution coupled with a cost effective heating/cooling medium. " Paul Emblin, Roger Bullivant

System First Floor
Roger Bullivant T: 01283 511115 - Anthony Egan
Walton Road
DE15 9UA
We were guinea pigs for a developmental flooring and ring beam system, which had only been used previously on a test at BRE - It works! Simple, quick to install and very cost effective.

External Walls
NBT T: 01844 338 338 – Richard Cook
The Hangar
Worminghall Road
HP19 9UL

Zielgel blocks – quick to build with and very thermally efficient.

Twin Skinned barrel vaulted concrete roof
Roger Bullivant T: 01283 511115 - Nabil El-Khanagry
Walton Road
DE15 9UA
Roger Bullivant still have the mould if you fancy a barrel vaulted concrete roof of the same section! It was made specifically for our building but Roger Bullivant intends to reuse it. They have used the same mould to create a ‘class room’ at their head office in Drakelow.

Liquid Roofing Membrane
Polyroof T: 01352 735135
Polyroof Products Ltd.
Furness House,
Castle Park Industrial Estate,
Flint, Flintshire. CH6 5XA
Applied by Paul Rudden and his team from All Done Ltd T: 01323 422345
Paul Rudden was one of the most conscientious people we have had working on our build. He was on time, he worked hard, he was happy to be around and he left the site clear of any of his rubbish. Thoroughly recommended.

Flat Roof fixings T: 0113 2085 500
SFS intec Ltd.
153 Kirkstall Road
GB-Leeds. LS4 2AT
It may seem strange to list a screw provider on the website but these screws are special. The flat roof has very specific regulatory requirements and finding the right screws was imperative. We insulated it with 150mm graphite impregnated polystyrene and a double layer of plywood and needed self drilling screws to go through the lot and Intec had them!

Underfloor Heating - geo thermal pipes, Awaduct, central vac, rainwater harvesting system
Rehau Ltd T: 01753 588500
Rehau Ltd,
Hill Court,
Ross on Wye,
Hereford and Worcester. HR9 5QN.
REHAU began investing in the development of renewable energy technologies back in the 1990s in response to the market demand in mainland Europe. Its underfloor heating systems proved particularly suitable for use in conjunction with ground source energy and it has gone on to develop not only ground source collection systems but ground air heat exchangers, rainwater management and underfloor cooling systems which utilise its polymer expertise.

It is now focusing on the UK market with its comprehensive product range and bringing not only advanced technologies but also considerable experience and expertise.

This Chatham house shows the full breadth of REHAU’s range with RAUGEO energy piles, an AWADUKT Thermo ground to air heat exchanger, RAURAIN rainwater management system and REHAU underfloor heating and cooling systems in place. It demonstrates very successfully the synergy between the products and shows how they can be combined to offer a complete renewable solution for either domestic or commercial applications.

Rainwater Harvesting Tank (replacement for stolen tank)
A & C Pumps T: 01227785785
Unit 15
Barton Business Park
New Dover Road
Unbelievably, we had our rainwater tank stolen from site - four men would have struggled to move it so it must have been quite an operation! Aren't people mean! We reported it to the police and an appeal was made through the local newspaper - after all, it wasn't a small thing that could be easily hidden - our search proved unsuccessful but thankfully A & C pumps came to our rescue with a replacement!

Rainwater tank treatment for smelly brown water

Biotal Limited T: 029 2047 5550
Collivaud House
Ocean way
CF24 5PD
Biotal produce a very effective and environmentally friendly treatment for rainwater harvesting tank treatment – amongst many other things!!

Stainless Steel garden wall trellis

S3i Ltd – Stainless Steel Solutions
The Old Café
Hudsons Yard
DN10 6NX

Tel: 01302 714513
Fax: 01302.714532

Internal Walls
Thomas Armstrong T: 01207 544214
Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd
Whinfield Works
Rowlands Gill
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE39 1EH
We were keen to find a product for the internal walls which would satisfy the following criteria:
• Have excellent thermal efficiency
• Be low weight and so be easy and safe to handle
• Quick to build with, good workability, easy to shape and cut
• An eco-friendly product which would fit in with the overall ethos of this project
The Airtec aerated block range from Thomas Armstrong Concrete Blocks Ltd fit the bill exactly! Martin Home was our contact and he was most helpful and accommodating – he put us in touch with Chris Hirst from Clan for the thin bed mortar

Mortar for internal blocks
Clan Thin Bed technologies T: 0151 422 8000
Another quick and easy building method! Chris Hirst even came to site for the day to train us in how to apply the mortar!

Knauf projection plaster T: 01795 424499
Knauf Drywall
P.O. Box 133
ME10 3HW
Knauf supplied us with projection plaster, future panel plaster board which is carbon neutral and aquapanel for the bathrooms.

Fire Sprinker system design and installation
Nationwide Fire Sprinklers Ltd 0115 9871110
PO Box 7708
T: 0115 9871110
Very reasonable and very professional organisation. We had to have sprinklers because of the distance we are from the road - just like we had to have a driveway that was 3.7m wide so that a fire engine can reverse down it in case they came to the wrong house...bizarre but true! We looked at many suppliers as we were keen to have something that was aesthetically pleasing as well as effective. Having read all of the information about the benefits of sprinklers, they seem like the best option if you have the option that you are afforded from a new build.

Fire sprinkler heads
Reliable Sprinklers. T: 01372.728899

Roy Sandalls - Sales Manager
Reliable Fire Sprinkler Ltd.
Unit A2/Epsom Business Park
Kiln Lane
Epsom, Surrey KT17 1JF UK
We wanted to maintain a contemporary clean look to the bungalow so discrete sprinkler heads were essential.

External Insulation
Polystyrene insulation Springvale T: 01457 863 211
Springvale EPS Ltd
Dinting Vale Business Park
Derbyshire. SK13 6LG
We used three thicknesses of graphite-impregnated insulation (Platinum EPS), 150mm for the flat roof, 40mm for the outside of the building and 20mm for the window reveals. EPS was selected over other possible insulants as it’s Life Cycle Analysis, results in a good Ecopoint Score from the BRE Environmental Profiles, it has a zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a zero GWP (Global Warming Potential) - better than carbon dioxide which has a GWP of 1! It contains no CFC / HCFC / HFC's. The manufacture of Platinum insulation products is a very effective use of natural resources because the energy used in its production (embodied energy) is saved many times over throughout the life of the buildings in which it is installed. Producing one square metre of Platinum EPS at a thickness of 100mm requires 5 litres of mineral oil. Over a period of 50 years the same board saves over 600 litres of heating oil (source BASF).

Render Base plate
Wemico T: 01562 820123
Western Expanded Metal Industries Company Limited
Matthew Lane
Hoo Farm Industrial Estate
Worcester. DY11 7RA
Wemico stock a comprehensive range of beads, profiles, trims and flashings for use within external rendering and external wall insulation systems. A specialist company that is worth adding to your favourites!

External Render
BASF Relius T: 01244 281-315
Unit 101 10th Avenue
Deeside Industrial Park
CH5 2UA Flintshire
BASF focus on sustainability and we worked quite closely with them on the external finish of the build – it was easy to apply and also increased the efficiency of the building which was paramount.

Fascias and Sofits
Alupanel T: 01392 445152
Multipanel UK LtdMiddletown Barn
Tedburn St. Mary
Devon. EX6 6DT
We are huge fans of this decorative aluminum composite panel. It is weatherproof, easy to maintain and looks brilliant. It comes in every colour but we opted for matt black to match our black aluminum gutters. It is easy to cut, it bends / folds easily and is very versatile. We have also used it to clad out the window reveals in between the frame and the external shutter blind guides. When time permits, we are going to explore the possibility of using it to clad block built raised beds in the garden!

Specialst glue for facias
Holdtite macroplexx T: 0191 411 3191
Holdtite Adhesives Limited
Portobello Industrial Estate,
Birtley, County Durham,
United Kingdom,
Although we have previously used ordinary grip fill to fix alupanel, we wanted to make sure we were using the best and most effective adhesive for this demanding exterior application. We asked Multipanel for their advice and they said the best was Macroplexx which is what we went for.

Tool Hire
HSS T: 01622 792990
Unit 2/4 ,
Burnt Ash Road,
Quarry Wood,
Aylesford, ME20 7XB
Getting to know a good tool hire company was one of the best things we ever did and if it hadn’t been for the support of HSS, we may still have been building the shell now!

Floor protector
Packexe T: 01392 438191
9-13 Marsh Green Road North
Marsh Barton

Packexe - if you are ever building or renovating and you want to keep anything clean or protected, use Packexe - it has been our saviour with all the muddy conditions and the tradesmen traipsing in and out of the house with muddy riggers! We also used it to protect the new windows when they had been installed before the decor was complete!

Welding machine
Butters AMT T: 01905 775445
Units 9-10 / West Stone
Berry Hill Industrial Estate
We got a Pulse Synergic 235 welder from Butters AMT and when we collected it, we had a personal lesson from Bob Burns, the managing director. It is such a brilliant machine to use and Paul has used it such a lot during the course of this build. It was great for the structural steels and indispensable for creating the stainless steel conservatory roof structure. We even used it to weld the broken axle on the dumper truck! I am sure if Paul had to choose between me or the welder, he would choose the welder. He has even had me take photos of good welds to send to Bob as he is so proud of them!

Floor treatments, grout and tile adhesive
Weber T: 0870 333 0070
Dickens House,
Enterprise Way,
Maulden Road,
MK45 5BY
We approached Weber as we had many situations to deal with and they seemed to have a solution for all of them - top of the list was a floor that wasn't level with some interesting cracks that had appeared in odd places. It will be covered in polished porcelain tiles so a stable floor is critical to the end result. We are using weber floor leveling compound on the non tiled areas to ensure a good surface for the carpets and to raise the level to that of the tiled areas.

Schlüter-Systems Ltd. T: 01530 813396
Units 4-5 Bardon 22
Beveridge Lane
LE67 1TE
Schluter debonding mat provides us with the ideal solution to our concrete floor problems. It allows the substrate to move about, without transferring that movement to the tiled surface above - essential when you have 90m2 of perfectly flat and crack free polished porcelain to look at!

Norcros Adhesives Ltd. http:// T: 01782 524140

Fax: 01782 524 141
Technical Line: 0870 609 2851

Nocros adhesive very generously supplemented our supply of tile adhesive as we ran out ....again and we had already asked Weber for an additional delivery!   We seem to have used an extraordinary amount of adhesive which is probably due to the need to take out lumps and bumps in the walls and floors.  I am sure there is more technical phraseology but you get my drift!  Nocros, again, is an international organisation with a superb reputation for high quality products.

Welding gas
BOC T: 0800 111333
The Priestley Centre
10 Priestley Road
Surrey Research Park
Surrey GU2 7XY
The only way to make the complexity of welding simple - an incredible welding machine and feed it the right products! BOC have supplied all our welding consumables - gas mixes dedicated to certain processes, filler wire, tips for the various torches, etc. Get to know your local "Gas and Gear" staff - they are a wealth of advice and technical support to a newbie at this demanding task.

Power tools Makita T: 01908 211678

Very reliable tools of outstanding quality – I've been a user of their products for 20 odd years. They have a solution for most problems you will encounter and the time and pain saved in having the right tool for the job soon pays for the tool.

Muck Truck T: 01566 777 140
Muck Truck UK Ltd
Unit 34 F
Compass Business Park
Pipers Close
Pennygillam Industrial Estate
Launceston PL15 7EB
This power wheelbarrow is brilliant and a must for anyone with a building project of a landscaping project to do. We have a restricted site so it has been indispensable but we would recommend it to anyone.

Digbits T: 01889 503020
Power Park
Towers Business Park, Rugeley
WS15 1UZ
We bought a grading bucket and two augers for our little JCB from Digbits - having the right tools for the job saves so much time. We had a lot of fencing to do and to dig the fence post holes by hand which is what we first started to do was a grueling task with the clay and flint soil we have. If you have a machine, add Digbits to your favourites, they are specialist and a useful source.

Karcher T: 01295 752200
This is a power washer that will clean the heavy clay mud off the JCB without breaking into a sweat – brilliant! Plasterers leave a mess, no matter how hard they may try not to but it is a wet trade and inherently messy! The power washer made cleaning the floor, which had the potential to be a painstaking job, easy.

Johnstone's Paint T: 01924 354600
PPG Architectural Coatings
Huddersfield Road
West Yorkshire
WF17 9XA
Using good quality paint is really important – it takes half time and looks twice as good. It is much easier to apply when it is a good quality product.

Graco paint sprayer T: +32 89 770700
Graco N.V
Slakerweidestraat 31
3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium
This is the Crème de la Crème of paint sprayers – it makes a tedious job quick and simple and the end result is of a much higher quality. I would suggest that anyone that likes to redecorate their house from time to time invests in a paint sprayer. Kevin McCloud quizzed me on the amount of time it took to mask up the windows etc – I told him he hadn’t experienced the '3m' masking solution: see below

3M United Kingdom PLC
3M Centre, Cain Road,
Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8HT.

Jon Underwood T:  07768 536646
We were introduced to 3m ( )by Darren Robinson of Graco - he uses their masking products in his job all the time and swears by them. I used it to mask up the patio doors and it was so easy and so effective. A cascading polythene sheet is attached to the top of the window and stuck down at the sides and bottom with a blue masking tape. The tape is low residue and highly effective - it can be left on for up to 14days. I usually hate all the faffing that goes with preparation but this was just so easy!

UKTarps T: 01507 477644
B J Thairs
69 Seacroft Road
LN12 2DU
United Kingdom
We were in the situation where we had the concrete roof on but we had to keep it dry until Polyroof could do their thing and put the water proof resin on. UK Tarps provided us with 6 tarpaulins that stretched over the entire width of the bungalow and that were then tied down. They were on for several months and did an amazing job of keeping the rain out – I have to say though that it was relief to take them off once and for all when the Polyroof was applied and the building turned from green to grey!

Manholes UK Ltd T: 01952 581430
Fabweld Steel Products Ltd
Unit D11-D13 Court 2000
Bridgnorth Road
Paul has built a trench beneath the bungalow to enable him to cable and plumb the house through the sub floor void. The trench is accessible through an entry hatch in the utility room and it was imperative that this wasn’t an eyesore. We found a recessed manhole cover through manholes UK with has a very nice stainless steel rim and the same polished porcelain tiles that will be laid in the rest of the kitchen/diner/living room can be laid into the manhole cover making it very discreet!

Aluminium Towers
Youngmans T: 01621 745983
Youngman Group Ltd,
The Causeway,
Essex, CM9 4LJ.

I can’t say enough about the benefit we gained from the Youngman’s aluminum towers. They are so quick to erect and take down – it isn’t a chore to move them from one side of the building to the other. They are also really flexible and can be built high enough to reach the roof to connect the solar pipes and low enough to be used inside the bungalow to paint the ceiling! Coupled with their supaboards (self supporting staging boards up to 6m long) great lengths of access can be created very easily - great for gutters / fascias and the like.

Armaflex insulation T: 0161 287 7000
Armacell UK Ltd.
Mars Street
Greater Manchester
OL9 6 LY
It is our belief that Armaflex produce the best pipe insulation in the industry and given our drive to keep the house thermally as efficient as possible, this was brilliant.

Electrical and Lighting
Newey & Eyre T: 01634 290475
Unit D12,
Lakeside Park
Neptune Close
Rochester ME2 4LT
Source of all things electrical - that we didn't source from somewhere else! A vast and diverse product range. Again, get to know your local branch manager as he will have a wealth of information that is of use to you.

MK T: 01268 563000
The Arnold Centre
Paycocke Road
Essex SS14 3EA
Chosen for their aesthetic qualities and the ability to provide a centre biased rocker switch to work with our lighting controllers.

Osram T: 01744 812221
Osram House
Waterside Drive
Berkshire SL3 6EZ
Lamps and LED's galore. All the lighting and control gear that isn't IBL or Ring is Osram

IBL T: 0208 391 7500
Unit C60 Barwell Business Park,
Leatherhead Road,
KT9 2NY,
In a tiny form factor they deliver an airtight, fire rated, low energy aesthetically pleasing downlighter that is electronically dimmable via it's 1-10V interface. Simply brilliant!

Ring T: 0113 2767676
Ring House
Gelderd Road
Leeds LS12 6NB
Great driveway lights in steel with a ring of LEDs - very contemporary and chic.


We opted for Ikea as they provide good quality and reasonable prices. Their range of accessories is growing rapidly and we have been able to get a very interesting style of kitchen with all the extras we wanted. We had a custom built worktop which was very, very heavy to install but came with fitted sinks and was just what we wanted – it looks amazing!

Wolf Hob and Downdraft ventilation
The Westye Group – Europe Ltd
6B Imprimo Park
Lenthall Road
Essex IG10 3UF
With the barrel vaulted concrete roof, we couldn't have a kitchen extractor that went upwards so we have opted for a downdraft extractor which will go under the floor through to the outside taking the kitchen smells away from the room and keeping the motor that runs the fan as far away as possible to reduce noise. We opted for Wolf, as we love the large hob, the excellent reputation and the overall look of their appliances.

Zip Hydrotap 0870 6088888
ZIP Heaters (UK) Ltd
14 Bertie Ward Way
Norfolk NR19 1TE
Email ....
No need for a kettle ever again! This very clever piece of equipment provides boiling water and cold filtered water all day long - it is fitted into the kitchen worktop and as well as it being a clever piece of kit, it looks very smart as well and provides significant energy savings against normal kettle usage. Jean is really looking forward to using this.

Double drawer dishwasher Fisher and Paykel
Fisher & Paykel Appliances Limited
Maidstone Road Kingston
Milton Keynes
Phone:+ 44 0845 066 2200
Fax: +44 0845 331 2360
Having a dishwasher with two drawers is more economical as Jean and Bill are only likely to use one drawer most of the time but they still have the capacity to deal with the washing up if they have the family descending for dinner!

Rak Ceramics T: 01730 269051
Paris House
Frenchmans Road
GU32 3JB

City Plumbing Supplies T: 01304 825347
CT16 3PT
Contact: Trevor Gatehouse
A brilliant resource for all things plumbing and heating related, including sanitary ware. Again, get to know the staff. They know all the people you may need to know one day!

Roca T: 01530 830080
Samson Road,
Hermitage Industrial Estate
Leics. LE67 3FP
Contact: Simon Baker
Simon was a great help in helping us choose our sanitary ware and bathroom fittings - he understood our needs in terms of style and knew his products inside out!

Grohe T: 0871 / 200 3414
Grohe Limited
Blays House Wick Road
Englefield Green
TW20 0HJ
United Kingdom
Contact: Debra Sheldon

We were advised by Debra to have remote control wireless showers. This means that Bill can have a pre-set temperature that is just right for him. The shower can be started before he goes into the bathroom by remote control which is another technology that gives him extra independence and freedom.

Waterworld Solutions – wet room and external drains T: +44(0)1284 388588
Waterworld Solutions
The Green
Bury St Edmunds
IP30 9JP
The only place for quality floor drains for your wet rooms. They even managed to produce a bespoke curved section drain for Bill and Jeans shower room. Also, a wealth of knowledge on correct installation practice, to ensure that it's a delight to use and not an embarrassment that leaks!

Screwfix Taps Moretti range

QPC T: 0118 959 4066
QPC Ceramics Ltd
2 Richfield Place
12 Richfield Avenue
E |

Tiles and Fire hearth
Stonell T: 01892 833500
Forstal House
Maidstone Rd
Paddock Wood
Kent TN12 6PY

Tilers T: 01473 717717
729 Woodbridge Road
Ipswich Suffolk IP4 4NB

We can't speak highly enough of Barry Last and Ollie Mallitt from Foxwood Ceramics.  They were also our house guests for the 4 weeks they worked for us and not only were they great at laying tiles, they were also good company.  We wanted to go with a recommended tiler as we had put a lot of effort into the selection of the tiles and a lot of money into buying them so the final impression is obviously made, or not, by the laying.

CVO T: 01325-301020
Unit 4 Beaumont Square,
Durham Way South,
Aycliffe Ind Park,
Newton Aycliffe,
Co Durham, UK. DL5 6SW

Home Automation
Prolojik T: 01494 515 100
Prolojik Limited
84-85 Cressex Enterprise Centre
Lincoln Road
High Wycombe
HP12 3RL
United Kingdom
Contact: Asela Rodrigo
Superb lighting controls, simple to deploy, silent in operation and energy saving by virtue of what they do - which they do very well!

The-ISLtd T: 01252 470027
The IS Limited
The Malt House
Grange Court
Grange Road
GU10 1DW
Contact: Rob Walker

Source of most of our LON kit. Able to provide a complete turn key package, if required. UK agent for Spega, who are a German LON component manufacturer.

Wieland T: 01483 531213
Riverside Business Center, Walnut Tree Close
GU1 4UG Guildford /Surrey
If it's got a cable to it, Wieland would like to make it "plug and play". All things in the world of electrical connections - like 5 way plug and socket sets to interconnect our lighting boards. Also, source of some of our LON boxes to control various things.

Internal Doors and door handles
The Italian Door company T: 01507 523838
Unit D, Holmes Court
Boston Road Industrial Estate
Lincolnshire LN9 6AS
These doors come fully finished in a very wide choice - any colour you like, glass, solid, sliding, gloss, wood grain - you name it they do it. The quality is superb. They also come with a CD and a fixing pack to make the entire installation process very quick and easy. We have the most amazing door handles from the M... range - exceptional quality and really contemporary style.

Glass entrance
Curved glass Romag T: +44 (0) 1207 500 000
Leadgate Industrial Estate,
Co. Durham
If it's specialist glazing, it's Romag! Want the impossible? Give them a try before giving up.

Structural steel & Stainless steel Parker Steel T: 01227 783222
John Parker & Son Limited
Vauxhall Road
Very helpful in turning my ramblings into a specification they could understand! All manner of things metallic, mostly detailed on an excellent web site.

Bi-parting entrance door Tormax T: +44 844 412 4707
KBC House
42-50 Hersham Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 1RZ
Ease of access for Bill and a draught lobby to the main entrance - all in one discreet (almost invisible) frameless glass sliding solution.

Gutter Seamless Aluminium T: +353-71-9851551
Unit 6b, Solihull Building Trade Centre
Richmond Road,
Solihull B92 7RN,
WOW! Few things stop me dead in my tracks - but somebody just reinvented the humble gutter. What a huge leap forward in reducing the maintenance of a building

Interior finishes
John Lewis furnishings advisory service
John Lewis Bluewater

Amity automated curtain track and curtains
T: 01689 878418
Solar House
Church Hill

Heat Pump and Solar system
Travis Perkins NuWay T: 01905 794 331
Travis Perkins have been a huge help to us - City plumbing is part of the group (see elsewhere) and they were instrumental in introducing us to Nu-Way as suppliers for our heat pump / solar set up and it's associated controllers. They offer a totally integrated solution on a "plug and play" basis that allows the solar panels to "recharge" the pile field with any excess energy, thus improving the COP in the following heating season, plus a clever set of reversing valves that allow the system to be turned around into a cooling system for summer months - utilising passive cooling when possible and only running the heatpump when it has to.

Peytons Paving T: 0845 1301730
121 High Street, Harston Cambridge, CB22 7QB
As the windows open the entire side of the living area, it was important to try and blend the colour of the tiles between the polished porcelain on the inside and the slabs on the outside. Jean spent a very long time researching the external paving and sent for many samples – when they arrived, very often the colours look nothing like they do on websites! We found Peytons Pavings and their selection was quite contemporary which was important. We got a sample of Mirage Mint and it was perfect! With the black threshold of the windows being flush to floor and with black granite sets on the patio, hopefully the look will be just what we want!

Geofix grout BASF T: 0161 794 7411
degussa-MBT Feb
Albany House
Swinton Hall Road
M27 4DT
United Kingdom
We asked Simon of Peytons Pavings what he would recommend for the grout for the paving and he recommended Geo fix. We asked the same question of the company we have employed to lay the slabs and they said there was really only one product that would be right and again, they recommended Geo fix so that's what we have gone for! It is easy to use and looks the part - we have chosen buff to match the paving slabs.

Fencing and sleepers EE Olley’s and sons T: 01322 227681
Hawley Road

We have used a lot of wood during out build and cannot recommend EE Olley and Sons more highly - especially Mark who has gone out of his way to help us out. As has been the nature of this build, everything we have needed has been an urgent need and Olley's have been a great help. They supplied the sleepers and the timber for the driveway fence and it looks really good - first impressions count!

Bluebells Vanmeuwen T: 0844 557 1850
Bluebells are Jean's favourite and as we are right next to Bluebell Hill, Bluebell Bungalow it became! Van Meuwen supported this project with 500 bluebell plants - English of course - that we have all the way up the driveway - when they have had a chance to settle and when the driveway is eventually complete, they will create the kind of natural woodland effect we wanted.

Automated gate T: 01636 679983
Cresseyholme Farm,
Bullpit Road, Balderton.
Newark. Notts. NG24 3LZ
With the emphasis on the build, it is inevitable that the landscaping is going to suffer when the budget gets tight but we were very keen to get a good quality gate at the entrance of the drive. We have to have a driveway that is 3.7m wide to allow a fire engine to reverse down it (bizarre but true) so we had to have a gate made to order but it was worth it because it looks superb. It is a country style field gate that is automated for ease of access for Jean and Bill and of a substantial quality to withstand the automation. Countryside Gates are a family run company that were a pleasure to deal with.

Motorised garage door T: 0191 377 0701
Durham Road
County Durham

As the garage is an integral part of the house, it was important that the garage door was of a high specification. All Henderson Insulated Roller Doors are constructed from triple layered slats, an exterior aluminum skin. a CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation core and an interior aluminum skin, to provide strength, durability and deep thermal insulation. It also had to look good which it does - we opted for white - the same as the external render so it gives a clean and crisp appearance. The automation of the door gives Jean the ability to drive the car straight into the garage and enter the building through the utility room which is a great advantage if it is raining and particularly if Bill and the shopping are on board.