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The internal details

The internal walls

Thomas Armstrong aircrete blocks are a delight to use. The large format blocks, coupled with thin bed jointing means that walls just fly up - and none of us are bricklayers! Simple technology - just cut to size with a jumbo scale handsaw where you need to, knock off the dust, slap on the adhesive and stack on the one below! The solid walls add to the thermal mass within the building, which is good and soak up sound as an added bonus.

The projection plaster

Single coat, sprayed plastering is the norm throughout mainland Europe. The Europeans peer, with wonder in their eyes, closely followed by laughter, at our manually applied, labour intensive, time consuming 2 coat systems! A revelation in technology triumphs over mess. It's quicker, cleaner and leaves a better surface finish for painting.

The fire

The kitchen

The lighting

The tiles