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23/07/09 | One year on. It is just over a year since my father died.  My mother is living in her new home and enjoyi... {more}
24/11/08 | Virgin - arghhh! Oh the joys! Today we undertook the installation of our Virgin phone / broadband cable from the hous... {more}
23/11/08 | Awadukt results This morning we've had our first chance to look at our ground to air energy transfer, in the absence... {more}

The Project


Jean commuted to London for over 20 years where she was employed as a service charge Manager. Not happy with a sedentary retirement, Jean loves a 'project' ....! Having completed an extension to the current property, the bungalow in the back garden plan developed - maybe this was a project too far!? ...more



What indeed? A modest three bedroom bungalow in the back garden of Bill and Jeans existing bungalow. Well, that was what it started out as. Make it Chalet style, with 2 bedrooms in the roof, to get it to fit onto the very odd shaped plot. ...more


The Background

The bottom of the garden was always a quiet and peaceful place with the sunlight shining through the trees, It overlooked the school playing field and I always felt it would have been an ideal place to live ...more



I wonder how many times we've asked ourselves that over the last 12 months! It has been exhilarating, frustrating, depressing, physically demanding but also very very rewarding. Building something for yourselves or – as we have – for our parents, is totally different from a commercial venture. You're not working to a client's brief, you are looking for the best solution all the time. ...more