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 Jean and Bill

Photo of Jean and Bill

Jean commuted to London for over 20 years where she was employed as a service charge Manager.   Not  happy with a sedentary retirement, Jean loves a 'project' ....! Having completed an extension to the current property, the bungalow in the back garden plan developed - maybe this was a project too far!?
Bill was a naval man for many years but moved to dry land to manage Quality Assurance for GEC Avionics.  Bill has sadly now lost both legs through illness and is really looking forward to the freedom of a home with no boundaries inside or out.  Bill has endured all of Jean's projects through the years but manages to hide his enthusiasm until the end.  He doesn't like change and would go for the easy life if he could but is always pleased with the end result! They have celebrated their 50th wedding aniversary during the course of the build.


Jo and Paul: daughter and son-in-law

Photo of Paul and JoPaul was a regional sales manager for a German polymer company but got fed up with spending so much of his time parked on the M25. Paul met the architect, Richard Paxton, in the course of his work and a friendship developed. They spent hours on the phone with Paul helping Richard turn his creative ideas into practical and workable solutions. Paul was effected greatly when Richard died so suddenly.
Jo was a city girl for 20 years dealing with the media relations for several large banks. Having perfected the art of champagne lunches and smooth-talking the press, she escaped from the city to become a dumper truck driver, chief researcher, steel cutter, buyer, marketing guru and accounts clerk - how bizarre!